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The BFG – Film Review

Roald Dahl’s The BFG may be considered one of his lesser known children’s fantasies, but those familiar with the 1982 novel should be thrilled with Steven Spielberg’s big screen adaptation.  With some tweaking of details and a slightly different conclusion once the adventure itself is resolved, the film is pretty close to the book.  And […]

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The Legend of Tarzan – Film Review

A lot happens in a short time before the opening credits. While wading through the Congo, a band of arrogant sounding British soldiers are massacred within seconds by an African tribe. The one survivor, the man whom Chief Mbonga (Djimon Hounsou) has allowed to live, Captain Leon Rom (Christolph Waltz) appears mostly unconcerned; worried for […]

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Swiss Army Man – Film Review

As with several other things you’d like to know throughout the film, it’s never clear how long Paul Dano’s character Hank was stranded on the tiny, uninhabited Pacific desert island or even how he got there, but there are clues. During the opening moments of the baffling new comedy/drama Swiss Army Man, Hank is about […]

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