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The Love Punch – Film Review

With its stellar cast and the up-beat, tongue-in-cheek, sunny look of its poster, The Love Punch is the kind of comedy that promises big laughs for an adult crowd, yet rarely manages to rise above being anything other than mildly pleasant. Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson are ex-husband and wife, Richard and Kate, and despite […]

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Fairy Worlds! – Theatre Review; Southwest Shakespeare Company

If you’re lucky enough to ever have the opportunity to tour the rebuilt Globe Theatre along London’s River Thames, the most common question you’ll hear is, “What would Shakespeare have thought?”  It was the same question asked by an enthusiastic audience member during Friday evening’s performance of Fairy Worlds! at the Desert Botanical Gardens.  “What […]

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Godzilla – Film Review

In his remarkable 2010 debut film, Monsters, director Gareth Edwards worked with no budget and a crew of only seven people including two actors.  He created his monster special effects on a home computer in his bedroom using software you can buy off the shelf.  What a difference four years and a well-received independent film […]

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Chef – Film Review

The power and impact of social media is astounding.  Ignore it, pretend it’s not there, then act publicly in a certain way and you could be in trouble.  In the new, engaging comedy Chef, writer/director/actor Jon Favreau plays Carl Casper, a first-class chef who publicly loses his temper with a food critic after a negative […]

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Million Dollar Arm – Film Review

It’s amazing how even a true story can look like a fairy tale when presented by the Disney organization. Million Dollar Arm is based on the real-life tale of two young men from India who won a TV contest to pitch in Major League Baseball.  It’s a fictional account but it takes all the elements […]

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Fed Up – Film Review

There’s a sense of urgency to the TV voices, commentaries and sound-bites you hear during the opening credits of the new documentary Fed Up.  What you’re hearing sounds like the insistent warnings of an epidemic about to hit our civilization, the kind you might hear setting the tone before an end-of-the-world zombie movie or an […]

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