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The Monuments Men – Film Review

  During the latter days of World War 2, Hitler signed a decree stating that if he dies and Germany falls, his men were to destroy all the great works of European art stolen during the last few years from homes, churches and museums.  The Monuments Men is based on a true story about the […]

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Gloria – Film Review

  The refreshing thing about many films from foreign markets is that they can often fill a void with themes and characters left vacant by Hollywood. In Gloria, a Chilean-Spanish drama from Sebastian Lelio, we’re introduced to a woman in the latter days of middle age.  She’s a fifty-eight year old divorcee whose children have […]

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Tribes – Theatre Review: Black Box Presentation, Phoenix Theatre, Phoenix

Remember when you were young and you played over at a friend’s home?  This was where you noticed, maybe for the first time, that things were done a little differently than the way things were done in your own home.  Nothing big, just little things.  Maybe your friend’s parents talked to their children in a […]

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