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New DVD and Blu-Ray Releases (08/13/13)

Note: To order any of the following releases, click on the poster.  With the exception of his voice work in How to Train Your Dragon, much of Gerard Butler’s recent work has proved to be less than thrilling – a kind way of saying that the last couple of years have been dire – but […]

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Elysium – Film Review

  In 1988 director John Carpenter released his science fiction thriller They Live.  Like many good sci-fi stories, They Live may have told a tale of aliens taking control of things on Earth while the rest of us served, but it was really about something else.  It was about the haves and the have-nots during […]

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Planes – Film Review

  Disney’s Planes exists in the same world as it’s Cars, a land populated by only machines with human eyes, mouth and personalities.  It begs the questions, if there are no humans, why are there doors on all the trucks? Logic aside, Planes is a pleasant adventure aimed squarely at the young.  Dusty (voiced by […]

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The Spectacular Now – Film Review

  Young high-schooler Sutter Keely (Miles Teller) sees himself as the life of the party. He’s a smooth operator.  He has beer in an iced-laden cooler in the trunk of his car.   People appear to like him; at least, most people.   “I don’t need college,” he insists.  “I got everything I need right here.”  His […]

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Lovelace – Film Review

  If you were an adult during the seventies there’s a good chance you know who Linda Lovelace was.  There’s also a good chance that you’ve seen, or at the very least, heard of the most notorious of all adult movies, Deep Throat.  What you may not know is that sometime later Lovelace wrote a […]

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Teaser Trailer for Disney’s Frozen

    Disney’s new animated feature for the younger set, Planes, opens across the country tomorrow.  In the meantime, for older Disney fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of their next big screen comedy adventure animated feature, Frozen, here’s a quick look at the film’s teaser trailer.    Frozen features the voice talents of Kristen Bell […]

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