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Oz the Great and Powerful – Film Review

In the new Disney epic adventure, Oz the Great and Powerful, we learn how a side-show magician from 1905 Kansas flew in a balloon to the merry ol’ land of Oz and became the man behind the curtain. James Franco plays Oscar Diggs, a slight-of-hand magician who declares, “I don’t want to be a good […]

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Emperor – Film Review

In 1945, General Douglas MacArthur (Tomy Lee Jones) was given the task of investigating whether the Japanese Emperor, a man worshiped as a God by his people, should be tried for war crimes. It’s an intriguing slice of history, and one that many should find captivating, but evidently the filmmakers didn’t think that the investigation […]

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New DVD and Blu-Ray Releases (03/05/13)

This week’s new DVD and Blu-Ray releases include an Oscar nominated animated feature, one of the most successful French films in history, and another ‘found footage’ production.   “Sure must be nice being the good guy,” laments Ralph, the over-sized but lovable doofus who has but one job in life and that’s to wreck things […]

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Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story: Theatre Review – Arizona Broadway Theatre, Peoria

It was in 1979 that Norman Petty, Buddy Holly’s producer and one-time manager, sold the Buddy Holly music catalog to Paul McCartney, who then supported the idea of a stage musical.  McCartney is said to have been concerned with some of the inaccuracies of the 1978 movie version, so the idea of presenting a live, […]

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Jack the Giant Slayer – Film Review

Jack the Giant Slayer – Film Review:  It’s only been a matter of weeks since Nicholas Hoult was last seen as the all-American zombie in the horror/romance Warm Bodies.  Now he’s back on his home turf as Jack, the English country boy in a retelling of the Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale, Jack the […]

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