Super Troopers 2 – Film Review

How time flies when you’re having fun. Then, after seventeen years, there’s a sequel to Super Troopers.

It would be easy to come up with one of those snarky film reviewer quips, like; after seventeen years, it’s the sequel no one was waiting for. That would be really easy. But it would also be wrong. Super Troopers 2 is exactly what fans have been waiting for. They even paid for it to be that way.

Once followers of the original 2001 comedy heard that a new script was finished and that the filmmakers would have to finance it themselves, fans stood in line, on-line. The five-man Broken Lizard comedy troupe started an Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign for anyone who wanted to contribute. Within 26 hours, they’d not only reached the target figure, contributions continued. And there were incentives. Those who wanted a producer credit or even a walk-on speaking role, the cost was $10,000. Those who craved a director title could donate $12,500. And a trip for a day at the ballpark with the troupe was $15,000. And it was all sold, in hours. Like it or not, Super Troopers 2 was a go. And now it’s here, but it should come with a warning. For Fans Only, ‘Cause This Is What We Want.

Despite the generation and a half gap since the idiot Vermont state troopers wrecked havoc in 2001, the sequel takes place just three months later. There’s a dispute along the border between the U.S. and Canada. It appears that a small town, thought for years to be French Canadian, is, in fact, American. The maps drew the line in the wrong place. While the legal paperwork goes through the system, Lynda Carter as Vermont Governor Jessman hires the troopers to guard the border, maintain law and order, and try to keep the peace while some French Canadians come to terms with the idea that they are now Americans. “Can I still listen to Rush, or Barenaked Ladies?” asks one.

It might help if you know the original; large chunks of the sequel constantly refer to it, as with the Fred Savage jokes that never quit, until – plot spoiler? What plot? – Fred eventually turns up and continues the joke.

There are also jokes about Canada, the Canadian accent, and Canadian pancakes. There’s a joke about the tradition of shaving the balls of the new guy, there’s another about firing an automatic weapon at a bald eagle (and killing it), and there are jokes about drugs. And it’s dumb. It’s all dumb. In fact, it’s dumber than you can imagine. Except, of course, that’s the idea.

It’s a comedy that intentionally starts at the bottom and works its way down. And with hardly a moment that looks as though it was ever filmed or written by real filmmakers, or acted by real actors, Super Troopers 2 succeeds in looking nothing like a real film. It’s a 100 minutes of outtakes not good enough for a movie, yet it is the movie.

And that’s all that can be said. That adage about not giving audiences what they want, give them something better doesn’t apply. Super Troopers 2 is what they want, so leave it be, make room, and let the fans enjoy. After all, that’s what they paid for. That’s what they’ll get.

MPAA Rating: R    Length: 100 Minutes     Overall Rating: 1 (out of 10)

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