Pusher – Film Review

Pusher is a British remake of a Scandinavian cult classic of 1996, and by all accounts it’s a virtual copy.

Frank (Richard Coyle) is a drug dealer who has enjoyed the high life, but things are spinning out of control and they’re spinning fast.  A deal that went wrong means Frank has to answer directly to a London crime lord and come up with a lot of money that he doesn’t have.  “I just need more time,” he says, but that’s exactly what he’s not going to get.


It doesn’t help that the first five minutes or so we have to suffer through poor dialog poorly delivered.  Richard Coyle as Frank is perfectly fine and with better and more interesting material I’m sure he could be great – his character gives the impression of being an okay guy, but he makes too many stupid choices – but his on-screen best friend and partner, Tony (Bronson Webb) must rank as one of the most annoying characters of the year


What surprises the most about Pusher is that even though the film is a remake of what some consider a classic, there isn’t really much to it that doesn’t already feel familiar.  We watch a drug dealer’s life spin wildly out of control in the space of a few days, but with little else to hold our interest there’s just nothing fresh to hook on to.  In either plot or characterization, Pusher adds nothing new to the gangster genre.  It makes you wonder why the 1996 original is so popular.

 MPAA Rating:  R    Length:  87 minutes    Overall Rating:  4 (out of 10)

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