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After Olympus Has Fallen and now White House Down, if there’s one thing we’ve learned at the movies it’s that the safest and most protected house in the country is really anything but. The story is preposterous, we all know that, and the fact that we know that its nonsense is what raises its popcorn value in entertainment.  To approach White House Down in any other way is to do the film and yourself a disservice.  Besides the action, which is edge-of-your-seat solid and exciting, the film has good humor and riffs on itself.  If you put all reason and logic aside and allow the malarkey to unfold without question, White House Down is going to work for you.  It’s that sort of film.  If you question everything with a that-could-never-happen attitude, you’re going to spoil the fun for yourself.  Obviously it could never happen.  It’s dumb.  And considering that the film is hardly intended to be anything other than an unabashed piece of twaddle to get you cheering the hero and have you hoping that the bad guy’s demise is really, satisfyingly nasty, just go with the flow.  You’ll enjoy it a whole lot more.  Available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

you were around in 1963, chances are you remember where you were and what you were doing the day President Kennedy was shot.  Everyone has a story and most are willing to tell it.  This November marks the fiftieth anniversary of the President’s assassination, and part of that remembrance is the film Parkland, a drama based on the events that occurred on November 22, 1963 and the chaos that followed.  Parkland packs a lot in its short ninety minute running time.  It engrosses in the way a disaster film engrosses, never relaxing until the fade out.  Considering the events are perhaps overly familiar to many, it’s amazing how shocked and involved you may feel.  To help us recognize the many characters involved, the cast is full of recognizable faces, cast in a manner that will help us determine who is who at a moment’s notice.  All are first-class. Watching Parkland re-enact those events can’t help but have an effect on us; everything about that day remains as shocking as ever.  Available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

There’s a lot that we should like about the new comedy Girl Most Likely.  The slightly off-centered characters are generally fun and they’re played by an ensemble that is well cast, but at its centre is someone you may find hard to warm to, and not even the talented Kristen Wiig can make her likable.  Annette Benning as Wiig’s mother injects much needed energy into the proceedings and manages to steal almost every scene in which she appears, but it’s not enough to save the film.   In the end, Girl Most Likely commits the ultimate sin of becoming dull.  Somewhere around the midway mark you may lose interest.  Available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

There’s a good chance you’ve seen, or at the very least, heard of the most notorious of all adult movies, Deep Throat and its star, Linda Lovelance.  Sometime later, Lovelace wrote a book called Ordeal that gave a completely different perspective on what you think you may have known or seen.  It makes for an uncomfortable story of the adult movie world as it was during the seventies, and that’s what the biopic Lovelace is all about.  Beyond a doubt, the subject is unpleasant.  Any film that has porn at its base has trouble rising above the smut it’s portraying regardless of how well or tasteful the subject is being covered.  Lovelace can’t help but have the same overall feel, but it benefits from surprisingly good performances.  It’s no deep exploration into the life of the world’s most famous adult movie actress, but by the end, when the film fades on a picture of the real Linda Lovelance clutching a copy of her book, what you’re left with is an overall feeling of immense sadness for all concerned.  Available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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