30 Beats – Film Review

This really doesn’t work.

As written and directed by Alexis Lloyd, 30 Beats is an independent ensemble project that follows ten people during one hot summer in New York.  All of the performers tend to be attractive, glossy magazine types who bare little resemblance to anyone real, not to mention that their sexual encounters are total fantasy and show nothing of the human condition, something that maybe director Lloyd was going for but failed. 


Perhaps the worst offense is that none of the encounters are particularly interesting or exciting and the dialog, stiff.  “I’m not normal,” states one character then adds, “I can’t make love normally.” Another character feels the need to go to confession.  “Maybe I should see a priest,” she says.  “You’re Jewish,” comes the reply.  “It doesn’t work like that.”


The film is described as a comedy with romance.  It’s neither.  The pacing and rhythm feels wrong and even though the whole enterprise comes in at just under ninety minutes 30 Beats feels oh, so much longer.

 MPAA Rating:  R     Length:  88 minutes    Overall Rating:  2 (out of 10)

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