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Mary Poppins Returns – Film Review

You have to hand it to the Disney marketing department. Or is it the marketeers? After announcing the new cast two years ago, then leaking some behind-the-scenes snippets while it was in production, then an online teaser trailer, clips that gave away nothing, releasing poster artwork early, then promoting a making-of fluff piece disguised as […]

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They Shall Not Grow Old – Film Review

The timeline leading up to the making of director Peter Jackson’s first world war documentary, They Shall Not Grow Old, is an interesting one. Jackson’s grandfather, Sgt. William Jackson was English and fought in World War 1. As a boy, the director-to-be would hear stories of life in the trenches, stories he would never forget. […]

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Swimming with Men – Film Review

In his native Britain, Welsh actor Rob Brydon is a household name. The actor, comedian, impersonator, and BBC TV game show host is probably best known stateside as the other guy co-starring with Steve Coogan in The Trip to Italy and The Trip to Spain. In the new genteel comedy from England, Swimming with Men, […]

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Roma – Film Review

When the online streaming service Netflix expanded its operations and ventured into producing and supporting its own exclusively made films, the Cannes Film Festival declared a new ruling. It decided not to allow the subscription service or any other streaming service to participate in its schedule. The organizers insisted that Cannes wanted to preserve the […]

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A Christmas Carol (2018) – Theatre Review: Hale Centre Theatre, Gilbert

At Christmas time, entering Hale’s seasonally decorated theatre-in-the-round in Gilbert is like walking into the center of Victorian London. To the north you’ll see St.Pauls Cathedral, to the south it’s Westminster and the tower of Big Ben, and on both the east and west sides, the walls are decorated with houses and London business establishments, […]

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A Christmas Story: The Play – Theatre Review: Scottsdale Desert Stages Theatre

For adults, Christmas is when we reflect. A time for nostalgia. It’s the season where we glance back at previous years and try to recreate in the present what made the ones in the past seem so magical and exciting. When film director Bob Clark adapted the short stories of satirist and radio personality Jean […]

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