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Welcome To Marwen – Film Review

Eighteen years ago, a man named Mark Hogancamp was attacked and severely beaten within an inch of his life. He had been drinking. While at the bar he naively passed a remark about his cross-dressing habits. Five men were nearby and heard him. Once outside, they beat Mark so brutally, the man remained in a […]

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Vice – Film Review

‘Beware the quiet man. For while others speak, he watches. And while others act, he plans. And when they finally rest… he strikes.’ It’s a quote attributed to ‘Anonymous’ that appears at the end of an eleven-minute introduction, just ahead of the film’s opening titles. Up until that point, every second of those introductory eleven […]

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Ella Enchanted: The Musical – Childsplay: Herberger Theater Center, Phoenix

Despite the popularity of Gail Carson Levine’s 1997 novel, generally speaking, it’s probable that most only know the story of Ella Enchanted because of the 2004 film. If that’s you, then the truth is, you don’t really know Ella Enchanted. Though the film was fun, it was only loosely based on the award-winning Newbery Honor […]

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Aquaman – Film Review

“I am… Aquaman!” declares the big screen’s new superhero. It’s right at the moment when he finally accepts who he really is. In the children’s cartoon TV series, the grandiose proclamation was fine. But somehow, when declared by big, burly Jason Momoa with all the sincerity he can muster, it simply sounds, well, silly. For […]

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Mary Queen of Scots – Film Review

Mary Stuart was only six days old when she became Queen of Scotland. Most of her childhood and her formative years were spent in France. Scotland was ruled by regents, those appointed to govern by the state in the absence of its queen. During her teenage years, while living overseas, Mary married King Francis II […]

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A Hollywood Christmas – Special Report

The following article first appeared in the Phoenix Critics Circle (PCC) online website. Reprinted with permission. Sections have been updated to reflect some changes. To find out more about the PCC, its members, and various other perspectives on film, CLICK HERE There’s something to keep in mind when looking back on the history of the […]

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