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Operation Finale – Film Review

Unlike Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Hans Krebs, and Joseph Goebbels who committed suicide at the end of the war in 1945, or Martin Bormann and Rudolph Hess who were captured and judged at the Nuremberg trials, German Nazi officer Otto Adolf Eichmann escaped the allies by fleeing to Austria. He lived there in secret until […]

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Searching – Film Review

In director/co-writer Aneesh Chaganty’s new thriller Searching, a young girl goes missing, and it’s her father, not the police, that pieces the clues together. Sixteen-year-old Margot (Michelle La) appears to be the perfect student, sharing time with friends, taking piano lessons, even performing recitals to an appreciative audience, all recorded on video and uploaded by […]

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The Bookshop – Film Review

There’s a brief moment that occurs early in Spanish director Isabel Coixet’s new English drama The Bookshop that every book lover will appreciate. While seated on the floor, going through her inventory, widower Florence Green (Emily Mortimer) holds a distinctive looking dark green, leather-bound novel in her hands. She pauses, opens the book, brings it […]

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Boeing-Boeing – Theatre Review: Scottsdale Desert Stages Theatre

First, some perspective. When the French farce Boeing-Boeing was first translated in 1962 for London audiences it was hugely popular. It ran for seven years. Not so stateside. The play opened on Broadway in ‘65 and lasted for only 23 performances. Part of the problem may have been the initial translation by Alan Beverley Cross. […]

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The Happytime Murders – Film Review

If you follow musical theater, think Avenue Q. That’s the low-rent neighborhood where characters not too removed from TV’s Sesame Street now live. They grew older only to discover that life doesn’t always turn out to be as rewarding as those upbeat, positive lessons taught several blocks away on the other side of town. Puppets […]

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Following The Ninth: In The Footsteps of Beethoven’s Final Symphony – Film Review

(The following review is a special report regarding a showing of the documentary Following the Ninth: In the Footsteps of Beethoven’s Final Symphony. The film will be presented at the Phoenix Art Museum on Sunday, September 16 at noon, followed by a Q&A after the screening. The film has screened in almost every major American […]

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