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If the idea of a film about a group of guys who drop everything, their careers, their families, their whole lives, and play of an obsessive game of tag for one month, every year, sounds like a lame-brained idea for a comedy – we’re talking the whole film – then you may be right; except […]

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Incredibles 2 – Film Review

It may be fourteen years since the surprisingly fabulous adventure of Disney’s collaboration with PIXAR, The Incredibles, was first revealed, but there’s no time lost in the story-telling of the sequel; Incredibles 2 takes off almost at the point where the original left off. It’s three months later, and before there’s a chance to catch […]

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Ocean’s 8 – Film Review

Much of the marketing for director Gary Ross’ all-female ensemble cast of the heist comedy Ocean’s 8 refers to the film as being the fourth in the Ocean’s series. It’s really a spin-off. And given how the story concludes, depending on box-office reception and overall popularity, the whole thing will no doubt continue to spin […]

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Hereditary – Film Review

It starts with an obituary. From there, right up until the final fade out, there’s a feeling of death and despair that permeates practically every frame of the two hour plus film. You can’t shake it off. And neither can Annie Graham (Toni Collette). In the new supernatural horror film Hereditary, written and directed by […]

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor? – Film Review

It’s a moment a parent never forgets. During the first year of our son’s life, my wife and I took turns looking after him during the day. We did it in shifts. I had the morning hours, then went to work. She had the afternoon after returning home from work. We passed at the door. […]

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Mary Poppins – Theatre Review: Arizona Broadway Theatre, Peoria

When the magical nanny Mary Poppins (Renee Kathleen Koher) first arrives at the Banks household on Cherry Tree Lane, she doesn’t fly in on a strong wind blowing from the east. Like the genie in Aladdin, she appears in a sudden puff of smoke in the middle of the living room. Your first thought, other […]

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