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The 2018 Sedona International Film Festival – Special Opening Weekend Report

It’s hard to believe that this weekend marks the beginning of the 24th anniversary of the Sedona International Film Festival, yet here it is. What began as a two and a half day festival has grown way beyond what was originally envisioned. As the festival’s Executive Director, Patrick Schwiess remarked, “It’s been a wonderful growth […]

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Annihilation – Film Review

There’s an early scene in writer/director Alex Garland’s new science fiction horror, Annihilation, that means a lot. It’s where Johns Hopkins University biologist professor Lena (Natalie Portman) is teaching a class on splitting cells. By use of a video projected on a classroom screen, she’s showing the students how cells separate and make perfect copies […]

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Outside Mullingar – Theatre Review

There are four characters. They’re Irish, and when they speak, everything is confrontational. One is accusatory, the other, defensive. Then they reverse roles; the one on the defense is now the accuser, and so on. And they shout. It’s how they communicate. Trying to make a point or getting to the heart of what they […]

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The Boob Show – Theatre Review: Phoenix Theatre’s Hardes Theatre, Phoenix

The Boob Show is a play about a girl who goes to Michigan. At least, that was her intended destination. But she never gets there. There’s a bump in the way. A literal bump, and it changes the course of her direction. As written in the notes from the playwright section of the play’s Phoenix […]

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Early Man – Film Review

Look closely towards the end of the credits. You’ll see that the two dinosaurs wrestling each other during the opening moments of the new Aardman Animations stop-motion comedy, Early Man, are named Ray and Harry. To the young, it’ll mean nothing. To those who know their visual-effects classics, the mention is yet another great gag […]

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Black Panther – Film Review

If you go to the map section of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, you’ll find the fictional nation of Wakanda surrounded by some other fictional nations, like Canaan and Narobia. You can’t miss it. Though, depending on what Marvel story you’re reading, or what film you happen to be watching, its exact position tends […]

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