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Paddington 2 – Film Review

Full disclosure. As a nine year-old school librarian (with power that was intoxicating), each time a new edition of Paddington arrived for borrowing, it would immediately disappear before processed for the shelves. There was no way that particular series of hardcover books were going public for other kids to manhandle until they were read from […]

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The Commuter – Film Review

For insurance agent Michael McCauley (Liam Neeson), every work day starts the same. At exactly 6:00 am, the bedside alarm rudely interrupts the silence and turns on the all news, all-the-time, radio station. McCauley drags himself out of bed, gets ready for work, makes sure his son is ready for school, then, come rain, sun, […]

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Man of La Mancha (2018) – Theatre Review: Arizona Theatre Company, Herberger Theater Center, Phoenix

It would be difficult to deny having heard the loud proclaims of excellence, as expressed by the Tucson press upon the December opening of Arizona Theatre Company’s new re-imaged production of the Broadway musical, Man of La Mancha. Such was the extent of the praise, you might be forgiven for thinking that marketing hype and […]

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Insidious: The Last Key – Film Review

Insidious: The Last Key is the fourth episode in the Insidious franchise. Knowing that what began in 2010 was then concluded with Chapter 2 in 2013, the casual viewer might be wondering, how come there’s a Chapter 4 and where does it fit in? Quick primer; Chapter 3, released in 2015, was a prequel. So […]

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The Post – Film Review

It begins with a symphony of noise. 1966. Vietnam. To indicate a musical sound associated with the war, Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Green River plays as soldiers lock and load.  In truth, the song was never released until ‘69, yet the sound fits. After the explosions that run through the jungle, the noise of three powerful machines […]

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