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War for the Planet of the Apes – Film Review

Despite the obvious technical advantages of computer imagery and its visual effects, up until now, the reboot Planet of the Apes series had yet to resonate in the way the 1968 original did. Certainly, the new films are popular. There wouldn’t be a third if they weren’t. But there’s a divided audience; those eager for […]

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Wish Upon – Film Review

It’s a variation of a good luck, Chinese Wish Pot, but with a major difference. Instead of writing your wishes on paper, then placing that wish within the pot, with this particular Chinese ornate box there’s no need for the written word. All you do is place your hands on the top then say what […]

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The Little Mermaid – Theatre Review: Hale Centre Theatre, Gilbert

When temperatures are at their highest and Arizona records are broken daily, there’s nothing better than being seated in a comfortable, air-conditioned building while waiting for a show to begin. The feel of that cold, icy breeze during a Saturday matinee in any valley theater is so welcome. But at Hale Centre Theatre in Gilbert, […]

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Spider-Man: Homecoming – Film Review

Balancing high-school life while trying to be a super-hero can’t be easy. Sony Pictures tried. In fact, it tried twice. But as good as Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield were, and as much overall fun as most of their films remain, when it came to high-school angst, they never quite convinced. Despite playing teens, things […]

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The Journey – Film Review

Imagining what might have been said in a private conversation between two well-known and politically important people, then writing it for performance by actors is a tricky business. Cynics scoff and purists disregard. It’s fine as theatre for long-ago history. No one, other than those having the conversation, was privy to the exchange, so writers […]

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The Little Hours – Film Review

The bawdy story of the young servant who runs from his master and pretends he’s mute while hiding in a convent full of lusty nuns was first told by classic 14th century author, Giovanni Boccaccio. It’s one of the 100 tales written in The Decameron, a collection of stories considered a masterpiece of early Italian […]

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