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The Big Sick – Film Review

There’s a chance you might know the name. He’s comedian Kumail Nanjiana. If not, then you’ve certainly seen his face. Besides his routines on the stand-up circuit, there are TV commercials, sit-com appearances, and an impressive if short filmography, including the engaging The Kings of Summer, the family Halloween adventure Goosebumps, and now the self-penned […]

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The Exception – Film Review

  He was the last German Emperor. And it’s true, as a war time leader during the First World War he was ineffective, lost all support of the army, and was forced to abdicate. He spent the remaining years of his life in exile, in neighboring Holland, and lived in a manor house called Huis […]

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The Beguiled – Film Review

The studio all but buried the 1971 original. Not knowing quite how to handle it, with poor marketing and a fractured release, there’s a new generation of moviegoers who’re probably unaware there was ever an earlier version. But for those who remember The Beguiled as it was told in the ’71 Clint Eastwood film, they’re […]

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time – Theatre Review: National Touring Production, ASU Gammage, Tempe

Readers of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle should recognize the title. It comes from a quote spoken by Sherlock Holmes in one of Conan Doyle’s short mysteries, Silver Blaze. In conversation with a Scotland Yard detective, Holmes wants to draw attention to the curious incident of the dog in the night-time. When the Scotland Yard detective […]

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Rough Night – Film Review

Taking its cue from a little remembered 1998 black comedy, Very Bad Things, where a stripper is accidentally killed at a bachelor party, the new ‘R’ rated comedy Rough Night covers the same ground, but with role reversals: the party is for the bride, and the stripper is male. Four women reunite for a wild […]

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47 Meters Down – Film Review

It was a smart move. Originally titled In The Deep and set for a straight-to-DVD release in August, at almost the eleventh hour, Entertainment Studios has given its newly acquired shark/horror adventure a theatrical release. Now called 47 Meters Down, summer audiences can see on the big screen what they might have missed had it […]

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