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Ghost in the Shell – Film Review

In The Terminator it was an endoskeleton; in Blade Runner it was a genetically engineered replicant; and in Frankenstein it was made of human bits and pieces sewn together. And now, lucky for us, it’s a new, expensive, technically superior body that looks like a super-fit Scarlett Johansson in which the futuristic Frankensteins surgically implant […]

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Pride and Prejudice – Theatre Review: Southwest Shakespeare Company, Mesa Arts Center, Mesa

Like Jane Austen’s novel, the new, inventive adaptation of Pride and Prejudice from playwright Daniel Elihu Kramer begins with same opening line. Apart from anything written by Dickens, it’s possibly one of the most famous opening lines in English literature. “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good […]

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Wilson – Film Review

“Modern civilization is a scam,” declares the supercilious, middle-aged divorcee loner, Wilson (Woody Harrelson) during the opening voice-over. “Happiness is hard to come by,” he adds. Well, in his world, when you’re a curmudgeon with a condescending attitude to everything and everyone around you, then, sure, happiness is the last thing you’ll come across. Director […]

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T2 Trainspotting – Film Review

The title to the 1996 Trainspotting sequel may sound somewhat unimaginative, even clumsy – no colons, no dashes – but there’s a reason. During production, the working title began as simply Trainspotting 2, but director Danny Boyle wanted something more. He gathered the cast and asked them what they thought their characters would call the […]

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Personal Shopper – Film Review

A mystery solved. In director Olivier Assayas’ 2014 drama Clouds of Sils Maria, Kristen Stewart played Valentine, the personal assistant; a go-getter, errand-runner to a continental celebrity diva. During the third act, without explanation, the young woman mysteriously vanished. She never reappeared, and no one talked about it. It wasn’t a case of her character […]

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Car Dogs – Film Review

When during the film’s opening few seconds, Phoenix car salesman, Mark Chamberlain (Patrick J. Adams) tells a customer, “Look, I know how people feel about car salesmen,” then adds, “Most of the time I understand,” the first thing that runs through your mind is, wait; most of the time? Let’s be honest, even though at one […]

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