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Grease – Valley Youth Theatre; Herberger Center, Phoenix

The fun of revisiting the hit Broadway musical Grease is that you’re never sure what version you’re about to see, and that’s because of the film. The overwhelming popularity of the ‘78 movie literally changed the show’s structure. New audiences expected to see on stage what was seen on screen, thus what was once ‘R’ […]

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Pete’s Dragon – Film Review

“There’s magic in the woods,” explains the elderly and somewhat grizzled Mr. Meacham (Robert Redford) to the local Millhaven children, eagerly listening to his every word, “If you know where to look.” A remake in name only, Disney’s new non-musical version of the family fantasy adventure Pete’s Dragon looks nothing like the 1977 original. And […]

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Anthropoid – Film Review

Operation Anthropoid was a code name. It sounds like a sci-fi adventure but it was, in fact, the given name for the assassination attempt of SS General Reinhard Heydrich in Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1942. The story was told before, most notably in Operation Daybreak with Timothy Bottoms, but despite the Lewis Gilbert directed 1975 thriller – […]

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Florence Foster Jenkins – Film Review

If America’s Got Talent existed in the early forties, Florence Foster Jenkins (Meryl Sreep) would never have passed the first-level interview let alone had her moment on a New York stage. But times were certainly different and Nascina Florence Foster – she dropped the first name and went by her middle – was no ordinary […]

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Suicide Squad – Film Review

The hype is almost over, and that’s a good thing. After a summer-long investment from Warner Bros. Pictures leaking seemingly endless rumors, stories of re-shoots and the release of online teaser trailers, desire to see Suicide Squad, especially for DC Comic fans already poised to rush the box-office, must be at fever-pitch. The marketing department […]

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