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Jason Bourne – Film Review

Even though it was nine years ago when the third installment of the Bourne series, The Bourne Ultimatum, wrapped things up, evidently there were some who thought there was now more story to tell.  It’s almost a decade later and by the conclusion of this fourth and hugely frenetic chapter, the song remains pretty much […]

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Nerve – Film Review

With Pokemon Go gripping countless thousands while its popularity bewilders everyone else, the idea of an on-line game like Nerve existing is simply horrifying yet oddly plausible, and that’s what runs through your mind throughout the whole of the film. Based on a popular 2012 young adult novel by Jeanne Ryan, Nerve is an on-line […]

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Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie – Film Review

Imagine you’re the designated driver at a friend’s house party.  Everyone around you is floating around the room in an alcohol-induced stupor; talking, laughing, spilling things, maybe even falling over, and they’re all finding everything, no matter how mundane, hilarious.  Yet, there you are, sober, on a different plane, and wondering what it is that […]

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Cafe Society – Film Review

Simply put, Woody Allen’s Café Society is a sumptuous looking romantic comedy of 1930’s Hollywood at its most glamorous.  Without the style of media existing today and the ability for cameras, TMZ reporters and online gossip, speculation and uninformed opinion to continually puncture the mystique, actors up there on that giant screen and beautifully framed […]

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Shrek The Musical – Arizona Broadway Theatre, Peoria

Even though William Steig’s original 1990 book is given credit, it’s really the 2001 animated feature upon which Shrek The Musical is based.  And audiences wouldn’t want it any other way. Since its debut on Broadway in 2008, the show has become quite the theatrical industry.  Various altered versions toured the globe; some of the […]

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The Infiltrator – Film Review

In the riveting new real-life drama, The Infiltrator from director Brad Furman, Bryan Cranston is just right as U.S. Customs special agent Robert Mazur.  He’s the principle player in an operation that helped bust the money-laundering organization of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, and it’s Mazur’s autobiography upon which the film is based. It’s 1985.  […]

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