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The Clan – Film Review

The fact that the crimes and the arrests of the Puccio family in Argentina occurred over thirty years ago alters neither the disbelief nor the impact of what they did.  The fact that it’s true makes things all the more horrendous. Argentina’s official submission for Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards has […]

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The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas – Theatre Review: Arizona Broadway Theatre, Peoria

It’s true, there really was a down-home, southern bordello known as the Chicken Ranch and it really did earn the reputation as being the best little whorehouse in Texas.   Even though its story didn’t quite unfold in the way presented on the Broadway stage, the business itself was successfully closed in 1973 after a Houston […]

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Carnival of Illusion: A Conversation with Roland Sarlot & Susan Eyed

  If you think of a vaudeville inspired parlor roadshow with a sprinkling of magic and you’re ready to have fun and travel around the world in 80 minutes, think of Carnival of Illusion, a fully interactive adventure laced with magical effects, a lot humor and international music.  Created and performed by Roland Sarlot and […]

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The Jungle Book – Film Review

As a boy, one of the biggest literary disappointments recalled was discovering that the Rudyard Kipling Jungle Book stories bore little to no resemblance to the Walt Disney 1967 animated version.  After ploughing through the first few pages of those classic tales of India and realizing that, as written, Baloo the Bear was never going […]

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The Dark Horse – Film Review

In 2003 there was an award-winning documentary from New Zealand called Dark Horse.  It explored the life of Genesis Potini, a New Zealand speed chess player of Maori descent who suffered from a bipolar disorder.  With just a couple of friends, he formed The Eastern Knights, an NZ chess club for underprivileged children where everyone […]

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Midnight Special – Film Review

There’s a lot to admire in director/writer Jeff Nichols’ science-fiction drama, Midnight Special.  Much like the filmmaker’s previous and more satisfying collaboration with actor Michael Shannon, Take Shelter, here we have a slow-burn, sci-fi adventure that feels like a thriller but presents its themes as an art-house road movie, the kind that film-festival crowds applaud […]

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