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Bring It On: The Musical – Theatre Review, Spotlight Youth Theatre, Glendale

At first glance, staging the energetic and demanding Bring It On: The Musical at Spotlight Youth Theatre in Glendale seems overly ambitious.  The choreography is both tough and challenging, the energy required is non-stop, plus the demands of its staging require a taller and wider platform than the one Spotlight can offer.  But look closer.  […]

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Mother’s Day – Film Review

Similar to the formula used in his two previous, warm-hearted comedies, Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve, Garry Marshall’s Mother’s Day is an ensemble, romantic comedy populated by attractive characters with overlapping conflicts.  Some drift in out of each other’s sub-plots.  Others may never meet.  And like those two previous outings, it’s all built around […]

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Sing Street – Film Review

Writer/director John Carney was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1972.  He was educated at a free-state Christian Brothers school during the eighties called Synge Street CBS.  He then went on to be the bassist for a band called The Frames and directed several of their videos. In his new comedy Sing Street, Carney has turned […]

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Green Room – Film Review

The setup to director Jeremy Saulnier’s Green Room is simple enough.  A down-on-its-luck punk band stumbles upon a murder in the green room behind the stage of its last gig.  Surrounded outside by the club’s killer bouncers and its owner, the band is holed up in the neo-Nazi skinhead bar.  What follows is an explicit […]

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Elvis & Nixon – Film Review

It sometimes happens; you hear of a real-life event so bizarre in its telling that upon completion you’re only response is to raise both eyebrows and state, you can’t write this stuff. When you walk out of Elvis & Nixon, the new comedy/drama from director Liza Johnson, you’ll be stating the same thing; you can’t […]

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The Huntsman: Winter’s War – Film Review

One of the odd things about the 2012 fantasy adventure Snow White and the Huntsman is that despite its global financial success most can’t recall what it was about, unless, of course, you personally loved it and bought the DVD for repeated viewings.  The impact wasn’t really there, and almost no one expected a sequel. […]

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