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An Interview with Patrick Schweiss: Executive Director of the 22nd Annual Sedona International Film Festival

Pinch me, it must be February again. The 22nd Annual Sedona International Film Festival is about to begin, starting Saturday, February 20 2016 and continuing until the following Sunday, February 28. One of the most notable things about the festival, other than the ability to enjoy watching films in an area surrounded by the spectacular, […]

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The Witch – Film Review

The subtitle of The Witch (presented as The VVitch on the poster) refers to the story as being a New England fairytale. It’s a time where themes and folklores of the seventeenth century sprang from a place of fear, ignorance and superstition and came from a people so consumed with religious fervor it’s little wonder […]

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Race – Film Review

His name was James Cleveland Owens. His family usually referred to him as simply J.C., but at an early age, when a mid-western school teacher misunderstood his southern pronunciation, she thought he said “Jesse,” and from there the name stuck. In the new outstanding biographical drama Race – a title that could easily refer to […]

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Touched with Fire – Film Review

Originally titled Mania Days then prior to release changed to Touched with Fire, clearly this affecting romantic drama of two hearts with bipolar disorder is a labor of love for director Paul Dalio. The source material was inspired by Dalio’s own struggle with bipolar that came from a time when studying at NYU’s graduate film […]

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The Bridges of Madison County – Theatre Review: National Touring Production, ASU Gammage, Tempe

We tend to forget just how phenomenally successful the Robert James Waller novel really was. In 1992 it seemed as though over night, a relatively short and simple story of an Italian woman, a war bride, living with her American family in rural Iowa, became an international bestseller. Reviews were mixed at best – some […]

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Fences – Theatre Review: Arizona Theatre Company, Phoenix

Even though the industrialized city is never directly mentioned, Pittsburghers will know the references.  There’s Crawford’s Grill, Passavant Hospital, plus a nod to Roberto Clemente sitting things out on the bench. It’s 1957. Fifty-three year-old garbage collector Troy Maxson (David Alan Anderson) has always had those same Clemente aspirations of playing ball, but, as with […]

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