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Secret in Their Eyes – Film Review

The emotional wallop you may feel by the conclusion of the new thriller Secret in Their Eyes will depend on how familiar you are with the Argentinian original.  Based on a novel called The Question in Their Eyes by Eduardo Sachen, then a 2009 film that changed the title to The Secret in Their Eyes, […]

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 – Film Review

As with several young adult adventures filmed as a continuing series over a number of years, this newly released 4th chapter in The Hunger Games is no place for the novice.  There’s no story-so-far intro and no chance to catch-up.  Directly out of the opening Universal logo, the film cuts to a tight shot of […]

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The Night Before – Film Review

When three, thirty-something guys who should know better, hit the town on Christmas Eve for one last festive hurrah, their life-long dream – or at least the one they’ve had for the past fourteen years – finally comes to pass; tickets to an invitation-only party known as The Nutcracka Ball. Representing the three end-of-year holidays […]

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Disgraced – Theatre Review: Arizona Theatre Company, Phoenix

In the telling, it could well sound like the trappings of a joke, and that’s possibly what 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Drama winner Ayad Akhtar was intending.  In the riveting new play Disgraced, fresh from its Broadway and London engagements, a WASP, a Jew, an ex-Muslin, and an African-American woman have dinner.  What follows is […]

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Spotlight – Film Review

What may seem like a vague and less than commercial title for a major movie, and one that may potentially cause an initial feeling of audience indifference, has significance.  Readers of The Boston Globe will know the meaning of Spotlight but outsiders may be unfamiliar.  Spotlight is the name given to the newspaper’s special investigative […]

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Love the Coopers – Film Review

If Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, how is it that everyone in the Pennsylvania Cooper family dreads the annual Christmas Eve dinner? In the new seasonal comedy/drama Love the Coopers (original title, Let it Snow, British title, Christmas with the Coopers) from director Jessie Nelson, Charlotte Cooper (Diana Keaton) has a […]

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