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A Talk with Amy Ettinger of the 15th Scottsdale International Film Festival

The Scottsdale International Film Festival is about to celebrate its 15th year with a screening of the film Landfill Harmonic on Thursday, November 5 at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts.  From there, the festival screenings continue until Monday, November 9 at Harkins Shea 14 Theatre on E. Shea Blvd. The festival’s founder and Executive […]

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West Side Story – Theatre Review: Arizona Broadway Theatre, Peoria

The problem when presenting such a landmark musical as West Side Story on any local stage is the scrutiny.  The Jerome Robbins conceived production is such an important part of the American musical theatre landscape that any attempt to revive it automatically comes with a check list of things that have to be right.  Without […]

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Steve Jobs – Film Review

There’s a story about Steve Jobs that was always considered iffy at best but fun all the same.  During an upward bound elevator ride in the Apple building, Jobs, who evidently had a habit of firing employees on the spot, fired the guy standing next to him. The worker’s attitude towards Apple was supposedly less […]

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Bridge of Spies – Film Review

This will help.  There’s a bridge that crosses the Havel River in Germany called the Glienicke Bridge.  It connects Berlin with Potsdam and was a restricted border during the Cold War.  One side was on the American sector of Berlin while the other was on the Eastern Bloc.  In 1989, one day after the Berlin […]

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Crimson Peak – Film Review

In an industry where the horror movie has resigned itself to a largely teenage market, it’s good to finally see a spooky horror designed for someone slightly older and presented with higher production values.  After an uncomfortable moment of silence at the opening where the audience is left sitting in the dark, the familiar Universal […]

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Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin – Arizona Theatre Company, Herberger Center, Phoenix

Be careful when seeing Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin at Herberger Center.  From the many songs you’ll hear in this vastly entertaining 115 minute production, it’s more than likely you’ll leave the theatre with one of them playing continuously in your head as if on a loop tape, and it won’t stop.  For me it’s […]

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