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Ted 2 – Film Review

At the end of 2013’s Ted, Bostonian pothead and all-round, okay kinda guy, John (Mark Wahlberg) married his girlfriend, Lori (Mila Kunis) while his walking, talking teddy bear, Ted (voiced incredibly well by writer/director Seth McFarlane) and Ted’s unlikely though gorgeous trailer-park girlfriend, Tami-Lyn (Jessica Barth) looked on.  It’s two years later, and in the […]

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Max – Film Review

Ask any parent; nothing’s worse than a moody teenager.  Try having a reasonable conversation with one.  It’s like pounding a mallet against a wall of unbreakable glass; no matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you pound, you get nowhere.  In the end you pound you own head trying to work out what […]

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Manglehorn – Film Review

“I’ve got real pain in my heart,” narrates aging and lonely locksmith A.J. Manglehorn (Al Pacino).  He’s writing a letter, one of the many hundreds of letters he’s written over the years, to a woman called Clara.  “You could have stopped evil dead in its tracks,” he continues.  He then signs, seals and delivers the […]

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Me and Earl and the Dying Girl – Film Review

Depending on your character type, you know you’re going to cry; the clue is in the cute, rhyming title, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.  And even though the lead character tells us more than once in a voice-over narration, “She doesn’t die.  She gets better.  Promise,” it’s going to happen.  Of course it’s going to […]

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Inside Out – Film Review

We’ve all heard them and all too often we let them get the better of us.  They’re the voices in our mind; that constant, subconscious chatter that talks us into things – things we don’t always realize we’re even thinking about, yet there they are, dictating policy, sometimes louder and clearer than we might want. […]

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Into the Woods – Valley Youth Theatre, Herberger Center, Phoenix

This past weekend saw the opening of Valley Youth Theatre’s final production of its current season, and what a slam-bang way to bring things to an end, just ahead of the summer break.  Into the Woods is the 34th VYT production at Herberger Center’s Main Stage away from its smaller home base.  For these young […]

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