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The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley – Theatre Review: Valley Youth Theatre, Phoenix

It was children’s author Jeff Brown who in 1964 first introduced the world to Flat Stanley and, in turn, Stanley to the world.  The character and the stories of the globe traveling youngster became so popular that even after Brown’s death new stories were published, written by others who continued to introduce Stanley Lambchop to […]

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The Longest Ride – Film Review

With a similar framing used in his most popular of books turned film, The Notebook, the new Nicolas Sparks big screen romance adaptation, The Longest Ride, has two stories running parallel; one complimenting and eventually influencing the other. Present day lovers struggle with a relationship of differences – he’s a bull riding champion in North […]

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5 to 7 – Film Review

That law of attraction can be a pesky thing.  Depending on age and past experiences, by differing degrees, it’s probably happened to most of us at one time or another.  Without trying, you’re suddenly drawn to someone who, out of the blue, instantly dominates your mind to the point where you can’t help it; you […]

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The Salt of the Earth – Film Review

  Perhaps the most startling aspect of seeing the photographic work of any photojournalist in a documentary is viewing those pictures enlarged before us on a giant movie screen.  The size not only brings you closer to the work, it’s the ability for us to see often missed but important details with the kind of […]

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Furious 7 – Film Review

It should be said from the outset that a film like Furious 7 is a genuine example of something the film industry considers critic-proof.  In other words, it matters little what reviewers critique or praise, its fan base is already standing in line; a review is simply for the record.  Curiously, the poster uses a […]

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While We’re Young – Film Review

If you’re somewhere in your forties and this hasn’t happened to you yet, hold on; it will, and it might be rough.  As if Father Time waved an eye-opening wand overnight, you wake up and discover you’ve arrived.  You’re right there, in your middle age when the day before you swear you were still young, […]

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