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Interview with Actor Alan Craig of ‘Greater Tuna’ – The Palms Theatre, Mesa

From now until May 16th, the two-man comedy Greater Tuna continues its run at The Palms Theatre in Mesa as part of its Marquee Comedy Series.  Two actors, Devon Nickel and Alan Craig, between them play more than twenty characters, all hailing from the fictional Texas town of Tuna. Greater Tuna is the first in […]

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THE TOMKAT PROJECT – Theatre Review: Stray Cat Theatre, Tempe

Once upon a time, about seventy-five million years ago, there was this really evil ruler named Xenu.  Word is, as a form of punishment, Xenu dropped thousands upon thousands of people in volcanoes on a planet called Teegeeack.  The spirits of these unfortunate souls, or ‘thetans,’ rose out of the volcanoes and floated around the […]

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The Three Javelinas – Theatre Review: Childsplay, Tempe

After a three-year workshop and development program, Childsplay finally unveiled its ambitious new home-grown musical this weekend, The Three Javelinas, based on the hugely popular children’s book of the Southwest by Susan Lowell.  The lengthy preparation has paid off wonderfully well with a result that is both exciting and very, very funny.  Anyone in this […]

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Ex Machina – Film Review

When computer programmer Caleb Smith (Domhnall Gleeson) receives a note of congratulations from his company on his monitor he thinks he’s won a much coveted, in-house competition.  Everyone believes he’s to spend a week with the company’s reclusive CEO, Nathan (Oscar Isaac) at the man’s way off-the beaten path luxury home up in the mountains.  […]

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Clouds of Sils Maria – Film Review

Look it up and you’ll find that Sils Maria is a municipality in the district of Maloja in Switzerland.  For visitors, this picturesque valley is car-free; only local residents have vehicles.  It is said that when weather conditions are right, clouds form and snake their way through the Maloja mountain pass of the Alps.  It’s […]

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Lambert & Stamp – Film Review

The new documentary Lambert & Stamp from first-time film director James D. Cooper is not only riveting, it’s probably close to the kind of film its two swinging London characters of the film’s title had always wanted to make for themselves but never did. The time is post-World War 2; it’s London in the early […]

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