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Insurgent – Film Review

There’s something misleading about the beginning.  At the end of the last Divergent film there was the suggestion that the central figures were finally heading towards the surrounding wall of the enclosed, crumbling city that was once Chicago before the war.  As the camera raced urgently towards the protective partition, the film gave the impression […]

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Wild Tales – Film Review

Has this ever happened to you?  Your car is towed, even though there were no yellow lines by the curb or anything else indicating that it was a no-parking zone.  Maybe someone wouldn’t let you pass on the highway and purposely kept blocking your way as you attempted to overtake.  Or how about accidentally seeing […]

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Girls Who Wear Glasses – Theatre Review: Childsplay, Tempe Center for the Arts, Tempe

It’s the first day at middle school for Mira (Kaleena Newman) and her two besties since kindergarten, Tiffany (Jamie Sandomire) and Lindsay (Osiris Cuen), and if that wasn’t pressure enough Mira soon discovers – horror upon horrors – she needs glasses, and that changes everything. Girls Who Wear Glasses is a new production from playwright […]

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Cinderella – Film Review

Most have forgotten, but if you think back to 1976 you might remember a lavish, widescreen musical production called The Slipper and the Rose.  It was the story of Cinderella.  It cast Richard Chamberlain as the Prince with music and lyrics by the Sherman Brothers, and even though their score didn’t quite match the memorable […]

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Run All Night – Film Review

“Do you drink coffee?” asks a suitably gruff sounding Jimmy Conlon (Liam Neeson) over the phone to Police Detective Harding (Vincent D’Onofrio).  “Six cups a day for the past thirty years,” the detective replies.  “Put extra sugar in it,” Conlon instructs.  “It’s gonna be a long night.” In the new action thriller from Liam Neeson, […]

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The Salvation – Film Review

In The Salvation, a new, slow burn western for the art house crowd, Danish settler Jon (Mads Mikkelsen) along with his brother (Mikael Persbrandt) have been building their own little house on the prairie for the past seven years.  Now, after what must have seemed like the longest seven years in his life, Jon’s wife […]

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