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Romeo and Juliet- Arizona Theatre Company, Phoenix

The future of British theatre changed dramatically in 1662.  That was when a royal warrant finally decreed that going forward, women, rather than young boys, would now play all female roles.  One can only imagine the thrill William Shakespeare might have experienced had he remained alive long enough to witness the radical casting improvements of […]

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Danny Collins – Film Review

The following is based on a kind of true story a little bit.   How could you not love a film that begins with titles like that?  It’s all in the tone.  Danny Collins may be hyped as a real event but those titles basically tell it all. True, there really was a singer who nine […]

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It Follows – Film Review

It takes less than a minute for something to happen.  We’re in a nice neighborhood.  It’s daytime, nothing much going on.  Autumn leaves have fallen.  A woman on the other side of the road is adjusting something in the trunk of her car.  That’s it.  Nothing else happening. Suddenly, the front door of a nearby […]

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Merchants of Doubt – Film Review

Based on a well-received and, by all accounts, a thoroughly researched, non-fiction book of the same name, Merchants of Doubt from director Robert Kenner is a truly fascinating documentary told with just a sly touch of humor that works in the film’s favor, especially when the message it’s illustrating is so incredibly sad and, to […]

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Seymour: an introduction – Film Review

“I never dreamt that with my own two hands I could touch the sky.”  Those are the final words spoken at the fade out by musician/teacher Seymour Bernstein as he reflects back on his life in the surprising and thoroughly engaging documentary from actor turned filmmaker Ethan Hawke; Seymour: an introduction. Seymour Bernstein is a […]

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The Gunman – Film Review

Even though the film is based on an original novel, The Prone Guman by Jean-Patrick Manchette, there’s something overly familiar about the film version, now called simply The Gunman.  It’s full of moments you swear you’ve seen before but at the same time it’s difficult to pin point exactly where or when. It’s 2006.  Jim […]

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