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Black Sea – Film Review

In the new adventure thriller from British director Kevin Macdonald called Black Sea, Jude Law plays a Scottish submarine captain who takes a motley crew of unemployed divers way down into the murky depths of European waters.  They’re the undersea Kelly’s Heroes in search of lost gold said to be buried in a sunken Nazi […]

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Two Days, One Night – Film Review

There’s an industrial town in southern Belgium called Seraing.  It’s part of the Walloon region where the principle language is French.  To the north is the area called Flanders.  This is the Dutch speaking region where the language is most commonly known as Flemish.  It makes sense when you realize that to the north of […]

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Annie Get Your Gun – Theatre Review: The Palms Theatre, Mesa

Since 1946 when it first opened on Broadway, Annie Get Your Gun has gone through so many revisions – altering details, changing characters, even cutting songs – to the point where today it’s hard to determine what version theatre purists consider to be the definitive presentation of this tuneful Irving Berlin musical.   In 1999, a […]

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Mortdecai – Film Review

Charlie Mortdecai (Johnny Depp) is a raffish, debonair art dealer with the heart of a rogue and the life style of an aristocrat.  With the slightest of gaps between his teeth and a brand new mustache that is just beginning to curl at either end, Mortdecai is about to discover just how deep in hock […]

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Still Alice – Film Review

There’s a reason why there’s no cure for Alzheimer’s, and this is it.  By the time the first signs of dementia appear it’s too late; the neurodegenerative disease has been there for years, but no one would know. Some people who suffer Alzheimer’s need home care like  It begins with short term memory loss […]

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The Boy Next Door – Film Review

“What do you think is gonna happen?” demands desperate sounding high-school teacher Claire Peterson when the unhinged boy next door won’t leave her alone. “We’re gonna go on dates together?” On a dark and restless night, after a few glasses of wine followed by a moment of weakness, Claire (Jennifer Lopez) succumbs to the overpowering […]

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