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Rosewater – Film Review

At a time when our television was recently smothered in seemingly never-ending political commercials it’s interesting to see how in the new real-life drama Rosewater the same thing was done in Iranian politics on TV in 2009.   The incumbent president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, ran against democratic opposition leader, Mir-Hossein Mousavi, with commercials that would declare “Western […]

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Interstellar – Film Review

If you’re a student of the cosmos then you’ll know our planet’s cosmic address.   It begins with Earth, then the Solar System, then the Milky Way Galaxy.   Then you get to see other Milky Ways, and before you know it, Earth has all but vanished, buried among the billions and billions of other planets, stars […]

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Big Hero 6 – Film Review

If the recent glut of superhero movies has proven too much in the last few yeas (yet the family still wants you to take them) Big Hero 6 is your answer.   The characters still come from Marvel Comics and, yes, it’s still a superhero film but it’s also a Disney animated feature and that changes […]

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Shear Madness – Theatre Review: Phoenix Theatre’s Hormel Theatre

The important thing to remember about the genuinely funny murder/mystery comedy Shear Madness, now playing at Phoenix Theatre’s Hormel Theatre, is not that it’s one of the longest running plays in the world; it’s that each night the show will be different.   As with Mother Nature’s design of a snow flake, no two shows can […]

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