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The Trip to Italy – Film Review

Technically, The Trip to Italy is not really a film. Like its 2010 predecessor titled simply The Trip, this second road outing comes from a funny, faux documentary style, six episode BBC TV series.  Director Michael Winterbottom carefully edited the series down to feature-film length and premiered the end result at the Sundance Film Festival […]

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The Last of Robin Hood – Film Review

There’s a chance you may have heard of the phrase “In like Flynn,” a slogan, or perhaps more appropriately, a rallying call for potential womanizers.  There’s also a bigger chance you may never have realized it was based on the womanizing habits of Hollywood star, Errol Flynn, whose conquests were only too well known during […]

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As Above/So Below – Film Review

The Paris catacombs are fascinating.  The remains of roughly six million people are down there, scattered skulls and bones, decorating the walls of the underground caverns, arranged in such a way that a friend who once visited them described it all unfairly as a sick joke. The ossuaries, the name given to the final resting […]

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Interview with producer Jim Wilson

The man behind Dances with Wolves and The Bodyguard, famed Hollywood producer Jim Wilson, took the creative plunge recently by both co-writing and directing the true life story of Mine That Bird, a racehorse that won the Kentucky Derby in what the horse racing industry considers to be one of the greatest upsets in the […]

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The November Man – Film Review

Based on the spy novel There Are No Spies, the seventh in author Bill Granger’s November Man thrillers, The November Man is a story populated by reprehensible people continually doing awful things to other people under the guise that it’s all for the greater good while sacrificing an untold number of innocents in order to […]

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Beneath – Film Review

When the opening titles to the new horror/thriller Beneath inform that the following is inspired by true events, it doesn’t take long to realize it’s really twaddle.  Obviously, some miners at some time were trapped somewhere six hundred feet below ground, but that’s as far as a true event gets.  Once everyone way below wearing […]

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