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Bad Words – Film Review

  If you recall, during the final minutes of the wonderful 2006 family drama Akeelah and the Bee, the whole community rallied around the little girl as she finally won the championship of her spelling bee competition.  In the new, black comedy Bad Words with Justin Bateman, it’s the opposite.  During the opening credits, in […]

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Enemy – Film Review

  There’s a quote used at the beginning of the film that says, Chaos is order yet undeciphered.  Depending on your state of mind, the line is one of those references that on the surface may sound weighty, but the more you think about it, the more annoyingly pretentious it gets, and that pretty much […]

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Veronica Mars – Film Review

  The thing about Veronica Mars is this: It was one of the best TV series that most TV viewers never saw.  It ran for three series; each one slightly different but as good as each other.  For those who found it and gave it a few weeks to settle in, you suddenly found yourself […]

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Need for Speed – Film Review

  Loosely inspired from the popular video game with the same uninspiring title, Need for Speed is baffling.  Are filmmakers really presenting stupid people doing irresponsibly stupid things and expecting us to cheer them on?  Really? Need for Speed is a car fetish movie that admittedly has some spectacular driving, plus when you learn that […]

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The Grand Budapest Hotel – Film Review

  About a third of the way through director Wes Anderson’s new comedy/drama The Grand Budapest Hotel you might start thinking, exactly who is this aimed at?  The answer, of course, is for fans of Wes Anderson, and with each stylized film, the club appears to becoming more exclusive.  If you recall a recent skit […]

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National Pastime – Theatre Review, Theater Works, Peoria

  Theater Works in Peoria takes risks, and that’s exciting.  Part of its current season is a new musical with aspirations of – fingers crossed – Broadway.  At least, that’s the plan of the producers behind National Pastime, a fast paced, screwball comedy musical echoing the style of the clean-cut though farcical, madcap humor of […]

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