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Around The World in 80 Days – Theatre Review: Arizona Theatre Company – Herberger Theatre, Phoenix

  As a child, reading Jules Verne was everything.  It wasn’t simply the fun of enjoying futuristic inventions and machinery as predicted by an author of the past, it was because his characters always seemed to be going somewhere, whether it be in a rocket to the moon, spending five weeks in a balloon or […]

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Noah – Film Review

  In writer/director Darren Aronofsky’s world, when Noah receives word that the Earth is to be flooded, it comes not as a conversation from God with explicit instructions on how to build an ark of gopher wood complete with a precise set of cubit measurements and details on how the overall design should look, but […]

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Bethlehem – Film Review

  In the new Israeli drama, Bethlehem, a suicide bomb attack occurs in the middle of Jerusalem, and we get a glimpse inside something we rarely see in the cinema; we go inside the Israeli Secret Service.  Many of the events that transpire throughout the film’s running time are based on actions that actually happened […]

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A Preview of Hollywood Costume

  Forty years ago, when Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer held its first studio sale of props and costumes, actress Debbie Reynolds stepped in and bought whatever she could.  It was an effort to save for posterity irreplaceable artifacts that embodied the history of Hollywood.  Then, in 2008, Reynolds was approached by costume designer Deborah Nadoolman Landis regarding plans […]

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Divergent – Film Review

  When author Veronica Roth wrote her first full-length novel, Divergent, she was only twenty-one.  By the time she graduated from Northwestern University she already had a number one New York Times bestselling novel on her hands, and that’s remarkable. Hollywood wasn’t far behind.  After the enormous, big screen commercial success of the young adult […]

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Muppets Most Wanted – Film Review

  When you hear talk of the new Muppets comedy being a sequel, it’s kind of true, but not exactly.  It’s a sequel to the series reboot that took off like pigs in space a couple of years ago when Jason Segel wrote what was essentially a love-letter to the fuzzy ones back in 2011’s […]

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