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Non-Stop – Film Review

 When you look back on Liam Neeson’s long and certainly distinguished career – think The Bounty, A Prayer for The Dying and Schindler’s List among many – it’s amazing to think that there’s a whole new generation of movie-goers who now think of him exclusively as an action star.  What a strange business. As the […]

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Tim’s Vermeer – Film Review

  It matters little whether you have an interest in art or not.  Tim’s Vermeer, the new documentary from the performer Teller – he’s the non-verbal half of the comedy magic duo Penn & Teller – is simply fascinating. All you need to know going in are the names of two people; Johannes Vermeer, the […]

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The Wind Rises – Film Review

  The new, animated historical adventure from 72 year-old Japanese film director and Manga artist, Hayao Miyazaki, is also said to be his last, plus it arrives not without some controversy.  The film is a fantasy account of real life aeronautical engineer Jiro Horikoshi, and there have been objections from certain critics stating that the […]

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Omar – Film Review

  What was described as a new drama from Palestine turns out to be a surprisingly gripping thriller that begins with a startling image.  The film is called Omar and what we see is a young man climbing the separation wall between Israel and Palestine.  At first it’s not obvious what he’s doing or why, […]

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The Laramie Project – Spotlight Youth Theatre, Glendale

  In theatre, when you hear someone refer to what they’re currently working on as a ‘labor of love’ it usually means that their involvement is a reflection of something more than simply working.  It doesn’t necessarily mean they want to hammer home a particular message, either.  It means that in addition to producing a […]

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3 Days To Kill – Film Review

  In the world of French screenwriter Luc Besson, Paris is a fantasy city populated by hit men, sexy, secret undercover agents that can be seen from miles away, and really nasty bad guys with an endless supply of thug-like bodyguards whose real reason for being is not so much to protect their employer but […]

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