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Frozen – Film Review

  First, credit where it’s due.  Hats off to the Disney marketing team.  For the past few months they have successfully installed a keen sense of anticipation for their new animated adventure Frozen with articles, posters and teaser trailers but without ever telling us a thing about it.  What a surprise, then, to find that […]

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Homefront – Film Review

  There’s a report that came out of Germany recently publishing the total amount of bullets fired by police in 2011.  The number was eighty-five, forty-nine of which were warning shots.  That’s down from the previous year where ninety-six shots were fired.  But that’s everything.  And Germany’s a big, gun-toting country. In the opening moments […]

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Philomena – Film Review

  Based on true events, Philomena covers much of the same ground paved in the earlier 2003 film The Magdalene Sisters, the story of the Magdalene convent in Ireland where young girls were essentially incarcerated for their ‘sins’ and put to work, long hours, working the laundry and unable to leave, slaves to the unrelenting […]

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Irving Berlin’s White Christmas – Phoenix Theatre, Phoenix

  Traditionally, after a musical opens, as long as it’s well received, the film will follow.  With White Christmas it was the other way around. The film was released in 1954 but it took almost fifty years until the stage version was produced.  It then took another four years until it finally made its way […]

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The Polar Express: Christmas Movie Classics: Part 2 of 5

  We continue our look at some Christmas movies that for one reason or another are considered seasonal classics, regardless of age. This week, The Polar Express.   Based on the 1985 children’s book The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsberg, the animated film version of the same name by Robert Zemeckis has already become a […]

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The Sound of Music – Theatre Review, Arizona Broadway Theatre, Peoria

  When a film is as hugely popular as 1965’s The Sound of Music and known so thoroughly by its legion of fans, there’s always a snag for new theatrical productions:  Do groups adapt the show from its origins to correspond with what audiences expect from the film or do they keep to the original […]

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