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Don Jon – Film Review

  Years ago, a neighbor friend had a problem; he was obsessed with porn and female nudity.  The obsession was so strong it actually got in the way of his relationship with his fiancée, resulting, as expected to all who knew him, with a split.  It wasn’t that his fiancée was upset by his viewing […]

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Rush – Film Review

  If you’ve ever been to a race track the one thing that hits you as soon as those cars pull away is the volume of noise.  It’s hard to describe.  Only a small handful of car racing films have managed to show a certain reality of the race track, Steve McQueen’s Le Mans is […]

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Baggage Claim – Film Review

  Here’s the plot: Feeling a certain amount of pressure from her over-bearing and annoyingly wedding–obsessed mother, flight attendant Montana Moore (Paula Patton) gives herself thirty days and thirty thousand miles to find a husband before her youngest sister marries.  And there you have it. “Marriage has always been a big deal to my mother,” […]

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New DVD and Blu-Ray Releases 09/24/13

 Please Note: To order any of the following films click on the poster. There’s a different tone to Iron Man 3, presumably because of a new director, Shane Black, taking over the directorial duties from Jon Favreau.  There was always a light touch to the fast-paced dialog in the first two films, but here there’s […]

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The Flick – Theatre Review

  Ron May’s Stray Cat Theatre began its 2013/14 season this past weekend in its usual uncompromising and challenging style with a new production of the somewhat controversial three hour drama The Flick by Annie Baker. The Flick is the name given to a movie theatre in Massachusetts, the setting for the play.  Imagine we’re […]

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Prisoners – Film Review

  When a seemingly fair and honest man is pushed to the point where an inner demon emerges, even if he believes that what he’s doing is in everyone’s best interest, disaster will follow. Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) is a fairly likable guy, a small town carpenter who appears to be a fair and honest […]

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