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Now You See Me – Film Review

  Everybody loves a magic trick.  It’s the epitome of show-biz.  If the magician’s a good one, you’re transfixed, stunned, and surprised, but above all, you’re entertained.  And even though you know it’s all an illusion, you’re still left wondering, how’d they do that? In the new thriller Now You See Me there’s not one […]

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After Earth – Film Review

  At least a thousand years or so in the future, all of humanity will have left the planet and settled on an area outside of our Solar System; that’s according to the setup in the new sci-fi thriller with Will Smith called After Earth. Without humanity around to mess things up, animals and creatures […]

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Footloose – Theatre Review – Spotlight Youth Theatre, Glendale

  Spotlight Youth Theatre is a motivated organization in Glendale that gives valley youth a taste and an opportunity of presenting a full season of quality theatrical productions in an intimate setting under solid direction.  Like Valley Youth Theatre, Spotlight employs the talent of some of the valley’s best young performers; all shows are performed […]

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New DVD and Blu-Ray Releases (05/28/13)

 Please Note: To order any of the following DVD and Blu-Rays, click on the poster I have to admit something up front.  Dr. Who is my favorite show on TV. Since it began in the early sixties, I’ve been hooked.  The show received a BBC overhaul in 2005 and returned to the small screen better […]

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Fast and Furious 6 – Film Review

  The fun thing about the Fast and Furious franchise is that it knows it’s ridiculous.  With its preposterous, adrenaline-fueled stunts that would destroy the average car in seconds, the film is really a cartoon in a live-action setting.  Have there really been six of these? When you think back to the numbskull origins of […]

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The Hangover Part lll – Film Review

  If ever there was a series of films that should never have developed further than the first it’s this, and yet here we are with The Hangover Part lll.  The 2009 original was no great comedy, but it had a good idea with endless comic potential.  Four guys waking up from a stag night […]

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