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New DVD and Blu-Ray Releases (03/19/13)

This week’s new DVD and Blu-Ray releases include four big films that dominated the screens at the end of last year.  If you missed them at the movies, now’s your chance to play catch-up. To order any of the films reviewed below click on the link beneath the poster. Click Here To Order DVD In […]

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La Cage Aux Folles – Theatre Review – Phoenix Theatre, Phoenix

The meaning behind the title La Cage Aux Folles is something theatre-goers have debated for some time.  The original French film subtitled the production as Birds of a Feather which many took to be the English equivalent of the phrase, solidified further by the fact that Mike Nichols called his Americanized version The Birdcage, but […]

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The Call – Film Review

If there was any one person who truly has their finger on the pulse of a city it would have to be a 911 operator.  On the evidence of this film, and from my limited knowledge of the position, being a 911 operator must be one of the most difficult, stressful and unenviable jobs around. […]

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The Incredible Burt Wonderstone – Film Review

Had The Incredible Burt Wonderstone arrived as a lengthy skit on SNL or maybe a one-off thirty minute sit-com on regular TV it might have worked, but as a full-length feature film, after a few initial laughs, Wonderstone borders on insufferable. Steve Carell is Burt, a Las Vegas magician.  He and his professional partner and […]

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Old Goats – Film Review

It may not be polished, it may not even have a plot, but the small, independent feature Old Goats about three retirees drinking the last of their summer wine from first time director Taylor Guterson has charm to spare. Three non-actors were enticed by director Guterson to play a variation of themselves.  They even use […]

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New DVD and Blu-Ray Releases 03/12/13

This week is loaded with new releases for either rental or purchase in both DVD and Blu-Ray formats.  Among them, an Oscar winner, a terrific performance from a lead that is actually better than the film itself, and two classics from the Disney vaults. To order any of the films reviewed below click on the […]

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