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Looper – Film Review

Here’s the thing about Looper; if you see the film with someone, be prepared to have a lengthy conversation in the car about the issues of time travel.  If you see the film with a group of people, be prepared to have a heated discussion.  I promise, you won’t be able to stop yourself. In […]

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The Perks of Being A Wallflower – Film Review

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Charlie (Logan Lerman) starts his first year of high school.  His only good friend committed suicide a little while ago and Charlie, an introvert who finds it difficult to communicate, is understandably apprehensive about his freshman year.  The only person with whom he was ever able to feel some kind of a connection, […]

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Pitch Perfect – Film Review

If you’re a fan of TV’s Glee, think back to the pilot episode.  Remember the song at the conclusion of the show?  It was a cappella version of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing, and it sounded so good with vocal arrangements that were so inspiring, the performance actually eclipsed everything else in the show.  I don’t […]

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Soloman Kane – Film Review

Soloman Kane was filmed and completed in 2009, released in Europe to praise and good box-office, followed by the DVD which has been available since 2010.  And yet audiences stateside have been kept on hold for three years with no official explanation as to why.  Even director Michael J. Bassett has stated on his on-line […]

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Unforgivable – Film Review

The new French release from director Andre Techine, Unforgivable, is the kind of film that shows the many layers of a single person’s character in a way that a story doesn’t always show, yet in real life we’re probably like that. To explain:  Francis (Andre Dussolier) is a novelist.  His critics call him the king […]

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New DVD and Blu-Ray Releases (9/25/12)

New DVD releases this week include one huge blockbuster and two DVDs designed for movie-buff collectors, specifically those who recall the glory days of 70mm films projected on a huge, curved, Cinerama screen.   For many fans of home movie watching, this week’s release of Marvel’s Avengers may well be the DVD of the year.  […]

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