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New DVD and Blu-Ray Releases for August 21st

Once again, it’s DVD new release day, August 21, and this week we have another good mix of new material from both television and the cinema available on the DVD shelves.  We look at TV’s Revenge,  Jack Black in the little seen Bernie,  a small independent film with a distinctly local flavor called Sedona, and […]

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The Awakening – Film Review

The new, supernatural mystery from first time director Nick Murphy, The Awakening, is that rarity of today’s cinema; an adult ghost story that thrills, chills and doesn’t leave you hanging. Florence Cathcart (Rebecca Hall) is hired to investigate the ghostly sightings of a small boy at an all-boys boarding school.  Florence is a debunker.  She […]

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Sparkle – Film Review

It feels like a long time since we heard about it, but Whitney Houston’s fifth and last film, Sparkle, has finally opened, and despite several good musical moments, overall the film under whelms when you’re really hoping for it to knock your socks off. Based on the 1976 original film starring Irene Cara in the […]

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The Imposter – Film Review

The Imposter is the kind of documentary you have to see to believe.  “You can’t make this up,” I heard someone remark at the conclusion of the screening, and he was right.  If ever you want to see an example of truth being truly stranger than fiction, The Imposter is where you come. First, a […]

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Celeste and Jesse Forever – Film Review

If there’s one thing Celeste and Jesse Forever achieves its showcasing the talent of Rashida Jones.  She’s a standout, and fortunately for us the film spends most of its time in her character’s company, Celeste, rather than SNL’s Andy Samberg’s Jesse, and that’s a good thing. Celeste and Jesse are a young couple who have […]

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The Odd Life of Timothy Green – Film Review

The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a Disney fairy tale in a modern, real-life setting.  It contains a certain amount of charm and two likable performers at its centre, but it disappears from memory almost as quickly as summer can turn into fall. Jim and Cindy Green (Australia’s Joel Edgerton and the underused Jennifer […]

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