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The Possession – Film Review

Said to be based on a true story  but inspired more by The Exorcist than anything else, The Possession tells of a young girl who buys a mysterious box at a yard sale.  We already know something is amiss with the antique because we saw the previous owner frantically trying to destroy it. The young […]

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Lawless – Film Review

Throughout most of Lawless, a gangster film loosely based on real events, there’s a feeling that you may have seen this somewhere before.  That sense of familiarity doesn’t necessarily spoil things – for the most part, the film is unexpectedly engaging entertainment – it’s just that it doesn’t offer up any new insight of the […]

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New DVD and Blu-Ray Releases for This Week (August 28)

The new DVD and Blu-Ray releases for this week (August 28) are quite a cross section of entertainment for the home.  We have a classic of the cinema, a box set TV series, a fun family adventure and a special effects extravaganza that started this year’s summer movie season.  Here’s a closer look:   Here’s […]

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Killer Joe – Film Review

Director William Friedkin’s new film, Killer Joe, is a difficult watch.  Two things:  a) It earns its NC-17 rating, and b) you may find yourself asking, if this is based on a play, how on earth did the last fifteen minutes act out on stage? Drug dealer Chris (Emile Hirsch) finds himself in a tight […]

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The Apparition – Film Review

“Your house killed my dog,” says the little girl who lives next door, and she’s almost right.  It’s not exactly the house that killed it; it’s the malevolent, invisible thing lingering around inside it.  It’s also the only moment throughout the whole film that feels genuinely creepy, and not a single effect was required. The […]

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Hit and Run – Film Review

If you watch enough TV, particularly Parenthood, there’s a good chance you’ll know who Dax Shepard is.  If you’re a movie fan and rarely watch the small screen outside of the news there’s a good chance Dax Shepard is an unknown entity other than a few and usually annoying small roles in films like Employee […]

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