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New DVDs and Blu-Rays for 7/17/2012

Every now and again I receive an e-mail from listeners at KEZ radio in Phoenix asking what are the new DVD releases or what did I think of a certain film now available on DVD.  Occasionally we have covered DVDs, but I thought it might be fun to take a regular, weekly look at what […]

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Singin’ in the Rain – Film Review

A few weeks ago, two fellow film buffs were excited at the prospect of seeing the Orson Welles classic Citizen Kane again.  Ordinarily, this would not be worth mentioning; movie buffs regularly check in for viewings of the 1941 classic on DVD, it’s something any follower of film should do from time to time.  The […]

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Savages – Film Review

In the aptly titled new Oliver Stone film Savages, every character is a savage whose moral compass is spinning way out of control, some faster than others. Two young pot growing entrepreneurs inLaguna Beach have developed the best marijuana ever, and the Mexican Baja Cartel, lead by the merciless Elena (Selma Hayek), wants to be […]

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The Amazing Spider-Man – Film Review

“I’ve had it with super hero movies!?” I overheard a movie patron declare as we all paraded out of an early screening of The Amazing Spider-Man, and to a degree I understood exactly what he meant.  However, before all dissenters of the super-hero genre completely give up on the recent cinematic glut of what many […]

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